Advanced SystemCare? 13 IObitWindows?, with frequent use, needs constant maintenance. The way Microsoft's operating system is structured, continuous access to applications, their installation/removal and web browsing can lead to a progressive degradation of performance. In the most serious cases, even, the operating system can become unstable and suffer frequent crashes leading to a really bad PC usage experience.a kind of mechanic that provides maintenance of Windows without requiring special skills.Advanced SystemCare? 14, the latest decline of the well-known IObit program, is the mechanic that many Windows users are looking for. The program has been developed to offer maximum ease of use. All operations, in fact, can be carried out in a few simple clicks leaving to the program all the most delicate operations. In this way also users meNo experts can use it. IObit, in fact, wants his program to satisfy everyone.Install Advanced Systemcare 14The program is available for free download and is also localized in Italian. The installation phase is really very simple and completely automatic. Pleasant opportunity to discover all the main features of the program during its installation.Finally you can leave an email address to subscribe to the newsletter of IObit. Absolutely optional step.How to use Advanced Systemcare 14The new IObit program has an optimized interface especially for high resolution screens. In addition, the software house has worked hard to offer an application that can offer better performance in all areas where the program operates. The Windows mechanic can therefore operate with greater precision to improve even more the performance of the operating systemAt the start of the program users will be projected into the main screen of the program where it is possible to start analyzing the operating system. You will also be able to specify the areas of intervention.Clicking on "Scan" Advanced SystemCare? will begin to check the efficiency status of the PC. The analysis does not last long, even if it varies from PC to PC, but then the program will offer a complete rIt is also important to note the problems identified, including those related to the security sphere. All problems can be solved in a click. The program will think about optimizing, cleaning and protecting the PC.Compared to the previous version, the new version, according to the tests carried out by IObit, detects and removes more than 120% in more trash files. Advanced SystemCare? 14 also allows users to clean all PC accounts with a single click. Together with the enhanced Start Management, OtStartup? Timing, which database has been enlarged from 30% to more, further accelerates system startup. In addition, Advanced SystemCare? 14 allows users to manage applications on the universal Windows platform (UWP) to reduce CPU usage. The new Context Menu Management allows users to easily manage the Context Menu.Advance SystemCare? 14Advanced Users, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy the advanced program optionsbut which allow manual action on certain aspects of the operating system. The program, in fact, allows you to modify some security options and improve the performance of some specific areas of the operating system (Turbo Boost option).Advanced SystemCare? also has a useful anti spyware that protects web browsing.Furthermore, The program suggests the installation of some other IObit applications that can improve safety and performance.PC. Always free programs like Driver Booster that updates all PC drivers or Uninstaller that allows you to remove all programs easily without leaving a trace on your PC.An important part of the program is the integration of the brand new Security Reinforcement feature. In addition, with the database of Navigation Protection and Removal of the 40% largest ads, Advanced SystemCare? 14 can block more online threats including encryption mining andAdvanced SystemCare? 14 also protects your fingerprints and sensitive user data, such as browser data, OneDrive? and contacts, from unauthorized access. capable of cleaning privacy data from more than 200 software and 15 browsers, including CryptoTab? Browser and Brave Browser. E mail Protection is the new added feature to help users detect and block malicious links and emails fromSuspicious senders and effectively protect users from spam, phishing, and other threats arising from e-mail.Full compatibility with Windows 10.Further improvements to many features and user interface for more intuitive and simple operationImproved AI mode algorithm for AI mode even more intelligent PC carePrivacy cleaning can now clean up the traces of privacy left by Opera GXCleaning of Waste Files improves cleaning dThe trash files left by Amazon MusicCleaning? up the Trash Files now allows you to clean older files than the specified time periodSoftware updates and Privacy Cleanup support the latest Google Chrome 89, Microsoft Edge 89, Mozilla Firefox 86, etc.

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