April 16th onlineApril 16th 2021 will be the fourth edition of Swift Heroes, the international event dedicated to the open source programming language Swift that has the objective to explore the new scenarios and possibilities of this tool created by Apple.This year's event will be virtual but nevertheless able to bring together the vast international community interested in the new trends of the programming for iOS-based mobile devices that you see in SwiftHeroes? is the ideal stage in which to discover all the main news in this field.Swift Heroes 2021's agenda includes morning and afternoon online sessions dedicated to speech, round tables, networking and business opportunities. They will participate in the event over 20 speakers including Bruno Rocha (Software Engineer in Spotify), Peter Steinberger (founder of PSPDFKit), Kilo Loco (Senior Developer Advocate in AWS) and many other experts from around the world who will havethe task of deepening the topics dealt with.During the event we will talk about the development of models for machine learning, the creation of tools for managing pull requests as well as the optimal procedure to incorporate a complete chat experience in iOS applications with few lines of code using, For example, the new Stream Chat SDK.Partners and informationAs stated by Francesco Ronchi, President and Founder of Synesthesia,See active participationDespite the physical distance imposed by the world situation, I was really impressed. This highlights the efficiency of the online experiences we are carrying out and which certainly cannot replace live sharing, but open the way to a new way of thinking about events.

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