The European Union is ready to file a lawsuit against AstraZeneca? for lack of vaccine, Washington, April 22 (EFE). The European Commission is preparing to file a lawsuit against the British Swedish company that produces the AstraZeneca? vaccine, citing a shortage of vaccines delivered by the company at the age of 27. < / BR > according to political magazine, which quoted five European diplomats as sources, but did not disclose their names, The Committee put forward this initiative at a meeting of ambassadors last Wednesday © At that meeting, according to the publication, most EU countries indicated that they would support the prosecution of the company because it failed to provide the vaccine dose promised to be vaccinated at the age of 27. moreover, a clear diplomat, always in accordance with the policy, The purpose of the legal process is to force AstraZeneca? to provide the doses specified in its contract with the EU. two participants at the diplomatic conference also explained © What's that?The deadline is later this week, EU countries have to approve the time to start legal proceedings. AstraZeneca?'s announcement in January last year that it was unable to provide the dose originally promised to the group aroused the anger of the EU. at the end of the first quarter of 2021, AstraZeneca? delivered 30 doses One million doses were provided to EU countries, instead of the 100 million doses promised in the contract with the authorityIt belongs to the European Union and reviews its policies. this shortage has seriously hindered vaccination activities in EU countries. the company expects that it will provide about 70 million doses of vaccine by the end of the second quarter of this year, It is reported that when the 300 million doses of full dose insurance stipulated in the EU contract should have been delivered. (c) Enjin's NFT airless solutions agency has aroused people's interest © Binance, Microsoft and others jumpnetThis is a network of Enjin, which has an authoritative testing mechanism. It allows users to move Enjin coin (enj) from eth to jumpnet. Other features include the ability to exchange and distribute ERC 1155 tokens from airless video games or applications. This round is led by invest NL, an influential Dutch investor © The private investment group of the Onassis foundation. Yes © N some new investors participated in the financingAnd all future existing investors, including major investors in technology © DICA LSP, inkef capital, gimv and Wellington partners.

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