#Enghouse integrates with Microsoft teams for contact center enghouse cloud and communication center supports advanced integration with MS teams Markham on, March 31, 2020 / CNW / enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: Engh) is participating in the contact center certification program to connect with the Microsoft team, and now provides the Microsoft team with cloud and on-site contact center options. for the implementation team, enghouse interactive orFrece enghouse cloud provides contact center as a service (CCAs) and enghouse interactive communications center (CC) v11.0, Support for private or on-site cloud deployment options. enghouse cloud and enghouse interactive communications center are comprehensive call center solutions, including customer self-service and IVR (interactive voice response), call and routing, and call deliveryThe client team on the agent desktop. These offers are also available © N a set of management tools for the contact center, including records, quality management and comprehensive report generation and data analysis. Both methods use teams direct routing, which enables organizations to choose their own phone options for voice connection, while utilizing call delivery, supervisor monitoring, and continuity."I am proud of our strong and successful relationship with Microsoft," said Vincent Mifsud, President of enghouse. We've shared the same road with them for more than a day © Everyone passed © Then Skype for business. Now our integration with the Microsoft team takes this to a new level, helping enghouse and Microsoft improve"Contact center game." Mr. Mifsud stressed that the application of enghouse interactive products to Microsoft team is a key step in the development of fully collaborative contact center, It combines powerful interaction management capabilities with the ability to optimize the customer experience using the best resources, information and people. Agents can now use intelligence to guide, share knowledge and experts"Working with Microsoft, enghouse interactive can help provide all of this," Mr. Mifsud commented. As a long-term partner in the development of integrated solutions with Microsoft, we provide well-defined steps for the Skype for business contact center or any historical communication center to migrate to the Microsoft team. enghouse interactive is ready to provide these steps, Because there are hundreds of customer contact centersThey use Skype for business, thousands of customers use other long established central communication platforms, and many of them are considering the option of moving to the team. By supporting multiple phone options at the same time, the company can help customers move their contact center to the team at their own speed. "enghouse interactive is a long-term partner of Microsoft," said Andrew Bybee, senior project manager of ecosystem group"We are pleased that you have announced the availability of the Microsoft team's integrated voice solution. We want to help our mutual customers benefit from the team in the contact center environment and build the power of teamwork with Microsoft 365 to change and maximize their customer experience. " enghouse Systems Limited is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions dedicated toE serves various vertical markets. Their strategy is to pass © Strategic procurement © Growth of management within GIC and its business units: video contact / collaboration centers, networks (OSS / BSS) and public transport / safety. Enghouse interactive is a fully controlled Department of enghouse systems, whose task is to provide solutions for customer interaction management. Action ofEnghouse systems is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: Engh).

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